Saturday, April 30, 2011

Google Nexus ONE - UltimateDroid 3.3.0 ROM

LINK : UD 3.3.0 Nexus ONE

Thanks to Team Blackdroid

Google™ Nexus One - Evervolv-Perdo-1.0.2b3-passion ROM

Link : Evervolv ROM

Change Log:
  • Update kernel & modules from CM.
  • Trackball wake and unlock are now working properly also, again... sorry for this lol.
  • Launcher buttons are now fixed... sorry for the issues.
  • Now launcher FC is fixed when swiping on stock layout... code mishap.
  • Bluetooth HID should be operational yet untested (please report otherwise in next release).
  • Had a pretty big amount of fixes/framework modifications merged from upstream/CM/Code Aurora.
  • Bundled Launcher now works 100% in landscape, works in Evervolv style and stock style. 

Google Nexus S - UltimateDroid 3.3.0 ROM

As i said, i will not supply ROMs only for Optimus Boston (and variants) .
So here is the first custom ROM for another device - enjoy!
Link : UD 3.3.0

Tools&Widgets for Android part 2

1.Android Tweak Tool - Swiss Knife for your device
2.LP Sense UI  - a little closer to HTC :)
LP Sense UI

Method for improving performance in different scenarios(for Phantom ROM)

Replace build.prop with this one :
You need Root Explorer.
Can't guarantee anything , since i don't have time for testing now.
Comment please.

Tools&Widgets for Android part 1

1. Battery calibration tool
Battery Calibration Tool
2.Beautifull widgets - clock and weather
3 .Juice defender - saves battery life and other tweaks
Juice Defender
4.Fast Reboot Pro - 1click free up memory
Fast Reboot Pro

CM 7.0.2 .nb0 file with battery fix for Boston - uploaded on zippyshare

No need for introduction.
CM7.02 battery fix
I only put in on zippyshare for easy download.

AndroidControl 1.2.1 for PCs - The easy way

AndroidControl includes all of the features you would normally expect to perform when carrying out tasks on your phone using your Windows PC. It will push and pull files to and from the device, reboot it, boot into recovery or bootloader, kill and start the ADB server, flash radio, recovery, zImage and boot images and kernel modules, uninstall, enable and disable existing packages and even install new packages. All of this can be done without opening a single program from the Android SDK.
The program will only work on Windows machines, and has some prerequisites for successful installation

AndroidControl 1.2.1

Friday, April 29, 2011

SUPER AOSP 4.8 ROM - Boston and variants

 install using SUT 1.7 -
P.S - I am not responsable for any damage to your device! Thanks.

Phantom Evolution REV4a ROM for Optimus Boston( Z71, GSMART G1305)

Most stable, fast, and overall usefull ROM for Boston.
All info u need is inside the .rar archive.
Thanks to Phantom.

LINK : Phantom rev4a
Waiting for opinios